[Twilight]10 saker som Edward aldrig skulle säga

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[Twilight]10 saker som Edward aldrig skulle säga

Inläggav Ida Sewer sön 21 jun 2009, 20:50

1, Bella, you have just been PUNK'D!!!!
2, Bella, I'm gay.
3, Yes, I'll admit it. I'm perfect
4, Yo. Bella. Wassup
5, Bella. I'm leaving you... for Jacob
6, You know, I think that Jessica and I are ment to be together. See ya
7, MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Ok, so how was that for my evil Dracula laugh?
8, Alice, would you be upset if I told you that I MAY have tried on your undies this morning? (
9, .I'm having a fangtastic time! Get it? Fang-tastic... haha it's so hilarious, how can you possibly not laugh? Haha *cough* so... umm yeah
10, I worship 50 Cent

1....holy shit...you ate my boxers!!
2.Bella... havent you heard of makeup?
3. I'm on fire!!
4.I want something juicy..oh well hello there...mr santa claus.
5.mm...who's that hot stud over there...oh my god! it's daddy..*faints*
6. *chris crocker style* Leave him alone!! Leave jacob Black Aloone...oh..he is alone.
7. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimmiiiing.
8.Bella...touch. my . hair...come on just do it.Just. Do . It
9.Hit me baby one more time.
10. Mommy...Bella ...gave me klamydia.

1. Damn, Bella. You're so HOT!
2. *la la la* I can't hear you *la la la* [covers his ears]
3. Alice, are you thinking what I'm thinking?
4. I miss Jacob, lets go to La Push, Bells.
5. Too bad you have overcome Jacob. It perhaps have been easier for you now when I leave you for Jessica, my true love. It's true! Love!
6. Bella, do you know that you really were meant for Jacob? Alice saw that ...
7.Jacob, feel dazzled!
8. Sorry Carlisle, but I killed Bella in the end. Her blood tasted wonderful! Too bad you missed it.
9. Bella, give me my piano, or I dump you! Seriously!

1. "I'm so warm, I think I got fever"
2. "Bella, let's go on the Jerry Springer Show!"
3. "Dude, I dazzle myself!"
4. "Hakuna Matata"
5. "I'm to sexy for my shirt"
6. "Jacob, shut up and kiss me!"
7. "Jacob is my new BFF! (Best Friend Forever)"
8. "OMG!"
9. "Just going to the solarium for a minute"
10. "It's Edward bitch!" (It's britney bitch!)

De kursiverade har jag hittat på själv *stolt*, de andra har folk från Twilightswedens forum kommit på ^^
Min personliga favorit är och förblir Dude, I dazzle myself! :mrgreen:
Stolt skribent på Eldfackla Noveller :)

All aboard the Klaine Train! Kurt Hummel ♥ Blaine Anderson

Ida Sewer
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Re: [Twilight]10 saker som Edward aldrig skulle säga

Inläggav Morotskaka mån 22 jun 2009, 22:33

Mohaha! Jag gillar 10. Mommy...Bella ...gave me klamydia.
Kan riktigt föreställa mig Edward säga så... inte!!xD
- It just seems like, you agree to have a certain personality or something. For no reason. Just to make things easier for everyone. But when you think about it, I mean, how do you know it's even you?

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Re: [Twilight]10 saker som Edward aldrig skulle säga

Inläggav Eilonwy tor 22 okt 2009, 20:14

haha jag älskar allihop xD
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