Engelskt roll.

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Re: Engelskt roll.

Inläggav ElefantiS tis 07 dec 2010, 21:25

kristopher skrev: OK? Anyways, jag VET att jag suger på engelska, no need to tell me that. [/b]
Ha<3Gi skrev:EDIT: Mum did say it was really good. :D

Ni båda var bra, ju!

Okej, vill ni ha ett inlägg som inte är igenomläst? Här har ni:

Their breath was heavy, hard, and they both had their eyes shut. Redness was on their cheeks, and as Eric put a hand on his friends shoulders, letting out a little sight as they were finished, he saw his friends smirk.

Oh, he wanted to kill him right this moment. The lust they had before, it was all gone replaced with pain in his whole body. And plus that, they were both covered in sweat.

But Eric would have lied if said that it didn’t feel good through the activity, if you count away the beginning, and that it felt good afterward too, at least after a moment.

He sat up as he breathed in for the first time for what felt like an hour, even tho it was maximum one minute, and glanced at his friend.

The blackness he thought would come never came, and he was happy about it.

‘Oh, fuck you!’ Eric said and glanced at his friend in a not so nice way. The friend just replied with a smile.
‘Wanna do’t again?’ ha laugh out, even if you could hear that he was also exhausted. Was he never going to give up?
‘No,’ Eric said, turning his face from his friend.
‘Oh, why not? Y’know you liked it! Your face was so much showing it!’ his friend said, really tying to make Eric change his mind.
‘That doesn’t mean I wanna do it again. I ain’t such an animal as you are!’ Eric said annoyed.
‘Oh, come on!’ his friend whined and put on a puppy face, even tho Eric couldn’t see it.
‘Oh, you are so boring!’
‘Nope, I am exhausted.’
‘After that? Doesn’t you have any stamina at all?’
‘Just one more time?’
‘Stop it. It won’t happen, and you know it.’
‘One lap? Just one lap?’
‘I won’t run fucking 400 meters in such a rush again!’
‘Why do I still hang out with you?’

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Re: Engelskt roll.

Inläggav Ha<3Gi tor 09 dec 2010, 16:33

When she at last waked up, she didn't knew where she was. It was quiet and dark. Lara could feel she lied on something soft, maybe a skin. She tried to sit, but sparkling stars popped in front of her. She lay down again, but not for very long.
A soft 'crack' caught her attention. Her eyes tried to see where the noise came from, but nothing seemed to be unusual in the dark room. The room?
Lara's subconscious telled her, that she knew where she was, but in her confused mind, she couldn't remember where.
Her back ached when she raised from the soft skin. Then she remembered that she'd been kicked to the ground by his friends. Nearly every day in her 11 years school life, she'd been kicked, and bullied, and teased. And he had followed her everywhere.
She sank down on the floor, when her thoughts walked over to him. Aaron. The boy, who every girl thought was so cute, so nice, so handsome. Maybe he was cute, maybe he was handsome, but not very nice. Lara's experience about him wasn't very good. And she had been his girlfriend twice.
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